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Sodium Chloride Evaporation DTB Crystallizer Machine 50-1000L Manufacturer Provides
  • Sodium Chloride Evaporation DTB Crystallizer Machine 50-1000L Manufacturer Provides
  • Sodium Chloride Evaporation DTB Crystallizer Machine 50-1000L Manufacturer Provides
  • Sodium Chloride Evaporation DTB Crystallizer Machine 50-1000L Manufacturer Provides

Sodium Chloride Evaporation DTB Crystallizer Machine 50-1000L Manufacturer Provides

Place of Origin Shanghai, China
Brand Name GELING
Certification ISO
Model Number DTB-300
Product Details
Warranty Of Core Components:
1 Year
DTB Crystallizer
Applicable Industries:
Food ,chemical Industry
Heating Method:
Steam Heating
Cooling Method:
Cooling Water
Wastewater Treatment
High Light: 

sodium chloride DTB crystallizer


crystallizer machine 50l


crystallizer machine 1000l

Product Description

Manufacturer provides sodium chloride evaporation DTB crystallizer


feeding material sodium chloride solution
feeding volume 100-10000L/h
discharge products sodium chloride crystal



Scope of application

Suitable for scaling, crystallizing, heat sensitive (low temperature), high concentration, high viscosity and containing insoluble solid and other chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection engineering, waste liquid evaporation recovery and other industries.


 Equipment composition

This equipment is composed of all effect heater, all effect evaporation separator, condenser (mixed type or surface type), all effect forced circulation pump, all kinds of material liquid conveying pump, vacuum pump, condensate pump, operating platform, electrical instrument control cabinet and boundary pipeline valve.


Main characteristics

1. The equipment is suitable for a wide range of material characteristics. It mainly targets at the materials that are easy to scale in the evaporation process, the materials that have crystal precipitation in the evaporation process, the materials whose viscosity increases with the increase of concentration, the materials with insoluble solid, etc.
2. In the evaporation process, the material heating through the forced circulation, in the tube flow speed, heat evenly, high heat transfer coefficient, and can prevent dry wall phenomenon.
3. The material liquid is heated quickly by the heater through the forced circulation pump, and the top comes out directly into the evaporation

separator. The steam liquid separation effect is good.
4. The material is condensed by vacuum evaporation at low temperature. With continuous input and outlet, the heating evaporation time is short, which is suitable for the heat-sensitive evaporation and concentration of food sauces (such as ketchup, peach pulp, apricot pulp, carrot sauce, applesauce, kiwi sauce, etc.).






R & D Center


Sodium Chloride Evaporation DTB Crystallizer Machine 50-1000L Manufacturer Provides 0

Company Introduction


Geling (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. located in Shanghai Fengxian Zhelin Economic Zone, and we are cooperated with the United States GL-Innovations Group strategic cooperation, set research and development, design, manufacturing as one of the scientific and technological enterprises, the core technology and leading products for the membrane separation process equipment, MVR evaporation equipment, other types of evaporators, mold, widely used In environmental engineering, bio-pharmaceutical, chemical smelting, food processing and other fields.


The company has cooperated with GL-Innovations Group to set up R & D center in Shanghai Science and Technology Park, which aims at the market and technology segmentation of Asia-Pacific and global industry trends, focusing on new technology research and engineering applications. (MVR) - Evaporative Crystallization Integration System, which is the core of membrane separation technology, has created a new technology for the fields of biological fermentation, plant extraction, chemical crystallization and waste water treatment. Membrane ultrafiltration - Nanofiltration separation system, suitable for fermentation broth, extract, fine chemical and other active ingredients separation and purification; membrane ultrafiltration - reverse osmosis water treatment system, the family of water, industrial water, industrial wastewater, water reuse Field for further processing. With the membrane separation technology, evaporator, mold in the industry in-depth application, so that some difficult material separation, high concentration of salt chemical wastewater, sewage treatment and so on can be effectively addressed, to achieve a high efficiency, Row of green environmental goals, the enterprise's technological innovation and industry upgrading has a significant significance.

Geling company adhere to the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development, to manage for efficiency" business philosophy and abide by the "customer first, the credibility of the first, quality first" principle and dedication to customer service at home and abroad, welcome to visit Cooperation.


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