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Vertical Forced Circulation Evaporator High Efficiency Cooling System
  • Vertical Forced Circulation Evaporator High Efficiency Cooling System

Vertical Forced Circulation Evaporator High Efficiency Cooling System

Place of Origin Shanghai
Brand Name Geling
Model Number GL-GB-100
Product Details
Product Name:
Forced Circulation Evaporator
Heat Source:
Steam/Electricity/Thermal Oil
Cooling Area:
Control Method:
High Light: 

Vertical Forced Circulation Evaporator


Horizontal Forced Circulation Evaporator


Forced Circulation Evaporator

Product Description

Product Description:

Introducing the Forced Circulation Evaporator, a comprehensive Forced-Evaporation-Process and Forced-Circulated-Evaporation technology that is perfect for Circuited-Evaporation-Apparatus. With a Pressure rating of both Atmospheric and Pressure, this Forced Circulation Evaporator is an ideal choice for many applications. Offering a Heating Area of 1-10㎡ and a Capacity of 100-1000L/h, this Forced Circulation Evaporator is designed for maximum efficiency with minimal energy consumption. Additionally, this Forced Circulation Evaporator is equipped with advanced cooling technology, allowing for a Cooling Area of 1-10㎡. You can trust this Forced Circulation Evaporator to provide reliable and efficient performance for your application.



  • Product Name: Forced Circulation Evaporator
  • Heating Area: 1-10㎡
  • Pressure: Atmospheric/Pressure
  • Control Method: Manual/Automatic
  • Structure: Vertical/Horizontal
  • Vacuum Degree: 0.098MPa
  • Circuited-Evaporation-Apparatus
  • Forced-Circulated-Evaporation
  • Circuited-Evaporation-Equipment

Technical Parameters:

Item Parameter
Product Name Forced Circulation Evaporator
Structure Vertical/Horizontal
Capacity 100-1000L/h
Heating Area 1-10㎡
Cooling Area 1-10㎡
Pressure Atmospheric/Pressure
Vacuum Degree 0.098MPa
Control Method Manual/Automatic
Material Stainless Steel
Warranty 1 Year


Geling's Forced Circulation Evaporator, GL-GB-100, is a heat exchange system designed to evaporate water from a solution. It is manufactured in Shanghai and has a heating area of 1-10㎡. This evaporator can be powered by steam, electricity, or thermal oil, and has a one-year warranty. It has a wide range of evaporation temperatures, from 0-100℃. This product is highly efficient, as it uses a Forced-Circuit-Evaporator to circulate the solution and allow for evaporation to occur. The Heat-Exchange-Units provide a high-efficiency evaporation system that can be used in a variety of industries. This Forced-Circulation-Evaporation-System is a highly reliable and effective heat exchange system for evaporating water from a solution.



Forced Circulation Evaporator

Product Attributes

  • Brand Name: Geling
  • Model Number: GL-GB-100
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai
  • Vacuum Degree: 0.098MPa
  • Heat Source: Steam/Electricity/Thermal Oil
  • Evaporation Temperature: 0-100℃
  • Cooling Area: 1-10㎡
  • Pressure: Atmospheric/Pressure

Our Forced Circulation Evaporator is an advanced circuited evaporation equipment that provides forced evaporation device for various industrial processes. It is designed with a highly efficient, multi-stage evaporator to ensure maximum evaporation rate. Its vacuum degree of 0.098MPa and temperature range of 0-100℃ makes it an ideal choice for various industrial applications. Our Forced Circulation Evaporator is available with a wide range of heat sources including steam, electricity, and thermal oil. It also provides a cooling area of 1-10㎡ and can operate at either atmospheric or pressure conditions.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Forced Circulation Evaporator:
The Forced Circulation Evaporator is shipped in a wooden crate to ensure safe transportation. The crate is filled with foam to ensure the product does not suffer any damage during transportation. The crate is sealed with metal straps and is labeled with the product's information.

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